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Music for Viola and Piano from Brazil


Composers: various
Performed by: Georgina Rossi (viola) and Silvie Cheng (piano)
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 11 August 2023

Chorinho, the new album by violist Georgina Rossi and pianist Silvie Cheng is saturated with Brazil’s rich musical heritage. The 13-track (1 hr, 08 min, 03 sec) LP presents a slew of alluring yet under-recognized works for viola, including world-premiere recordings of works by João de Souza Lima, Lindembergue Cardoso, and Ernani Aguiar. A solo piano interlude honours Heitor Villa-Lobos, the titan of Brazil’s 20th century musical scene. The concluding track, an arrangement of Chiquinha Gonzaga’s song 'Lua Branca' by the two soloists themselves, hangs over the collection like a light...

For those wishing to expand their knowledge of little known composers and classical music from around the world, Chorinho represents an interesting collection of works from Brazil. Performed by viola and piano, these pieces have quite a lot to offer for all tastes.

From the floaty, jazzy opener 'Chorinho for viola and piano' to the operatic closing 'Lua branca' (from the operetta: O Forrobodó), the diversity on display here will ensure that you'll want to seek out other Brazilian composers in the near future. 'Lua Branca' reminded me very much of the soundtrack to Hear My Song (1991).

Overall, an interesting and engaging collection of beautifully performed pieces.

Track listing:

01. João de Souza Lima: Chorinho for viola and piano (7:09)
02. I. Appassionato (5:06)
03. II. Catilena (5:09)
04. III. Toccata (2:50)
05. I. Ponteando (3:08)
06. II. Resposta ao bilhete do jorgralrrapeixe (4:07)
07. III. Convite ao amigo Cristiano Ribeiro (4:03)
08. Heitor Villa-Lobos: Valsa da dor for solo piano (5:39)
09. Lindembergue Cardoso: Pequeno Estudio, Op. 78 for solo piano (8:06)
10. I. Dramático (7:20)
11. II. Evocativo (7:12)
12. III. Agitado (6:25)
13. Chiquinha Gonzaga (arr. Silvie Cheng, Georgina Rossi): Lua branca (from the operetta: O Forrobodó) (1:56)


Darren Rea

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