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This Candle is for You


Artist: Spearmint
Label: Wiaiwia Records / hitBACK
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 17 November 2023

Britpop outfit Spearmint return with their new album, This Candle is for You, which delves the listener into a dizzying multiverse of vintage indie-pop sounds and thoughtful themes. Across its 12 tracks, there’s familial reflections on the search for a missing sister and those ways we remember lost loved ones; stories of colourful characters like John Gavin (the James Bond star who never got to make a film) and Prince’s encounters with Joni Mitchell; as well as time set aside to extol the virtues of late-night drinking in Soho, the joys of B-movies and video nasties, and the wonder of older cats; plus pauses for thought on some more serious subject matters too...

There's something hypnotic about Spearmint and their output. I remember fondly reviewing 2019's Are You from the Future?, and making a mental note to pick up the band's back catalogue, as well as follow them going forward. Sadly, I never got around to it, so I was happy to see this album land in my inbox.

This Candle is for You is another retro sounding album with very clear indie/britpop sensibilities. What really sells these 12 songs (44 min, 34 sec) is how diverse each track is. From the upbeat disco vibe of the opener 'Tell Me About My Sister' to the stripped back closer 'Back in the Middle', this LP offers something for every mood. It's an album you'll love playing one or a few tracks on constant repeat, as much as you will playing it from start to finish.

I couldn't help smiling when listening to 'Another Day'. Are the band Carry On movie fans? Their "Infamy" lyrics would indicate that they are.

A rich and varied album that is worth seeking out.


Nick Smithson

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