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Les Blagues De Toto 2
Classe Verte


Composer: Romain Trouillet
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 November 2023

Plaza Mayor Company release Romain Trouillet's original music for Les Blagues De Toto 2: Classe Verte. Toto and his classmates are back, heading to the campaign for a green classroom. But, if for the other students, this one is an opportunity to discover life on the farm, for Toto, It is above all the perfect opportunity to invent new jokes and live crazy adventures. Especially since the farmers who welcome them look a little shady, and it is said that a ghost roams the land... Toto intends to conduct the investigation, and he has more than one trick up his sleeve...

If you're a fan of soundtracks from classic '80s/'90s family movies then you'll get a huge nostalgic kick out of the soundtrack to Les Blagues De Toto 2. More than anything, it brought to mind the work of James Horner on Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Casper. It has the same emotional connection for me - being upbeat and wonderfully tongue-in-cheek.

The score contains 32 tracks (36 min, 06 sec) and Horner's signature style is stamped all over this. And for me this makes it a delightfully rich experience that I just couldn't get enough of. There's also echoes of the work of John Williams hiding in plain sight. Again, another reason to fall in love with this release.

Discussing the music, composer Romain Trouillet, reveals: "The original music of this second opus of Toto takes up the main theme of the first, theme that we hear fully exposed in the first music 'Toto goes green' and that I continue to develop over the course of the film in a more rural universe. I wanted to bring humour to the orchestra by slipping unusual instruments such as the wooden harp, the theremin, the piccolele banjo, the ocarina and many other instruments whose sound I found amusing. This music mainly concentrates everything that makes me laugh, but above all I hope that it gives pride of place to all the soundtracks that rocked my childhood ranging from John Williams, to Alan Menken through John Debney."

This is a rich and varied score which is packed to bursting with memorable themes. If you love the work of Horner and Williams then you should add this to your soundtrack collection. You won't be disappointed.


Darren Rea

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