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Dany Leprince
Music for the Original Documentary


Composer: Maximilien Mathevon
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 29 November 2023

Plaza Mayor Company Ltd release Maximilien Mathevon's score for the documentary Dany Leprince. For the first time, a man convicted of a quadruple murder recounts how he believes he was wrongly accused. This man is Dany Leprince: the man the press nicknamed the “butcher of Sarthe” who spent 18 years in prison for the murder of his brother, his sister-in-law and two of his nieces. He speaks without taboo on one of the most publicized criminal cases of the last 30 years...

Maximilien Mathevon's score for Dany Leprince works incredibly well to create tension and the perfect atmosphere to heighten the story as it unfolds. While it's mostly comprised of ambient pieces, these are a mayor step up from the norm. The music isn't designed to just float about in the background, it also works as a strong album of eerie themes in its own right.

The album contains 22 tracks (47 min, 01 sec) and opens with 'Presentations' an eerie, compelling track that sucks you into the world of Dany Leprince. And it never really lets up. Track after track offers more and more unsettling themes - putting you into the mindset of Leprince and the horrors he must have endured, mentally and physically.

Discussing the score, Mathevon' says: "The music: For this documentary, I chose to create “ambient” style music. Totally electronic and not very thematic, it embraces the uneasiness of the story and illustrates Dany Leprince's descent into hell with disturbing sounds and a dark and desperate tone. Piano sounds sometimes add a note of emotion to this stripped-down soundscape."

The music grows, gathering atmosphere and momentum as it progresses. While atmospheric, I also found it memorable, engaging and emotionally charged. Mathevon delivers a compelling soundtrack.


Darren Rea

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