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La Memoria Del Mondo
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Marco Robino
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 29 November 2023

Marco Robino's score for La Memoria Del Mondo, is released via Plaza Mayor Company Ltd. Adrien, art scholar and biographer of the artist Ernst Bollinger, finds himself involved as the author and co-star in the final chapter of the great Master’s artistic life. Immersed in the rarefied atmosphere of a winter lagoon, the two men, accompanied by a young boatman, share the experience of a lay pilgrimage in search of a missing woman, leading them to explore unexpected inner territories and recognize themselves as children of a common memory...

Discussing the music, composer Marco Robino says: "La Memoria Del Mondo marks my first collaboration with Mirko Locatelli [director]. Shortly after our initial meeting, and well before the first take, Mirko shared two evocative images: The Isle of the Dead and The Sacred Grove, both exquisite paintings by Arnold Böcklin. 'In these images lies the essence of the film', he remarked. For a film composer, whose craft is shaped by the nuances of visual storytelling, these were magical words that set the stage for a partnership full of inspiration and humanity.

"During the creation of the soundtrack album, we chose to craft an expanded suite, its 'movements' representing segments of a single musical piece. A central theme meanders through the entire composition, akin to a subterranean stream, at times flowing discreetly and at others emerging to the surface. To connect each piece, we incorporated fragments of the film’s sonic landscapes. It seemed the most fitting approach, allowing the island of the painting and the lagoon of La Memoria Del Mondo to resonate once more with the appropriate silences.

The score is short, yet sweet in nature. It's comprised of 9 tracks (29 min) and represents a selection of beautiful original classical music pieces butted up against ambient background cues. It works incredibly well here to set the scene and deliver the soul of the movie.

I really enjoyed my time with this sweet, albeit short, album.


Darren Rea

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