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Dodge Monaco
Blues Brothers - Chicago Police


Manufacturer: Scalextric
RRP: £53.99
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Ages: 5+
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Item Number: C4407
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One of the latest additions to Scalextric's range of iconic movie and TV race cars is the Chicago Police patrol car. The vehicle is an official The Blues Brother movie merchandise item. The main protagonists of the Blues Brothers use a rather dilapidated Dodge Monaco police car the actual law enforcement officers of Chicago use these rather more polished examples! Looking exemplary in blue and white these cars are perfect to be chased by, and crashed into, the duos iconic Bluesmobile...


The C4407 Dodge Monaco - Blues Brothers - Chicago Police is a highly detailed 1:32 Scale model with working lights

The new range of classic TV and movie cars from Scalextric is yet another reason to love the company. While racing F1 or classic sports cars is great fun, having the option to also race some of the small and big screens most iconic vehicles is a dream come true for those of us who have grown up with Scalextric.

The C4407 Dodge Monaco - Blues Brothers - Chicago Police is a highly detailed 1:32 Scale model with working lights. It also comes with two guide blades which are housed on the underside of the display case. This is one of the few subtle movie tie-in cars - if you didn't know it was a The Blues Brothers themed vehicle it just appears to be a regular retro police patrol car. This, to me, makes it a much more collectable item, as it will appeal to both movie buffs and general racers who want to use it in a "cops and robbers" style set up.

As with all of Scalextric cars, the quality and attention to detail is up there with collectable diecast models.


The quality and attention to detail is impressive

Tech specs:
Compatible with ARC AIR/ARC ONE
Compatible with ARC PRO/Digital
Digital chip required
Compatible with Spark Plug
No 360 Guideblade
Easy Change Guide Blade
Digital Plug Type C8515

The only thing I had a problem with is that I was worried about scratching and bashing it during racing. But, then, as I handle all of my Scalextric cars like treasured possessions, I know this item will bring me years and years of pleasure - both as a racing car and as a display piece. The perspex display case ensures it can be kept safe and dust free when you're not using it.


Nick Smithson

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