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Toy Review

Take Your Dog to Work Day


Manufacturer: Kobe
RRP: £13.00
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Ages: N/A
6 12615 11654 2
Item Number: DIG40
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Doggy inspired novelty items are the perfect gift for your own pets, or for that hard to buy for friend who is dog mad. The Kobe Take Your Dog to Work Day kit contains everything you need to ensure that your best friend melds in at your place of work...


Employee of the month?

Kobe's Take Your Dog to Work Day kit is a ridiculously silly novelty item that is good for at least one good laugh and an afternoon of fun. Housed in a metal tin, the kit contains 1 x name tag bandana, 1 elastic string, 3 paper glasses, 1 "World's Best Boss" sticker and 1 paper name plaque.

If I was being a killjoy, trying to work out how I was going to afford to eat and heat my home this month, I'd probably say this was a ridiculously extravagant purchase with little-to-no value. But for those with a sense of humour, this is a novel, silly little gift that will make the recipient smile. Plus, think of how much fun you'll have dressing up your best friend and doing photo shoots to stick up on social media.

While it's a throw away item with little real value, it will certainly make for cute social media photo opportunities and will make an otherwise dreary day a little more fun.

Yes, it's silly. No, you don't need it. But it's a little bit of fun and that's a good enough excuse to pick this up.


Nick Smithson

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