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Road Trip Kit


Manufacturer: Kobe
RRP: £13.00
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Ages: N/A
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Item Number: DIG39
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Kobe's Road Trip Kit for dogs is a wonderfully compact and extremely useful accessory that should be in every dog owner's car. It includes a dog seat belt, 2 paper bowls and 3 wipes. it comes housed in a stylish metal tin and can easily fit in the glove compartment or in the pouch behind the passenger/driver's seat.


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It's the ideal gift for that friend or family member who has a K9 pal. And once they've used the paper bowls and wipes, the tin is a handy container for making sure you have somewhere to store items in the car in the future.

We tried this out on a road trip with our dog and were impressed with the results. Out dog didn't mind the seat belt, and it kept him safe for the journey. The water bowls were also useful as they were easy to take out with us and could be used once we took a break.

The seat belt is easy to use and is manufactured from sturdy materials. It ensures that your best friend doesn't run all over the car when you're driving, as well as making sure they won't injure themselves if you need break suddenly.

For the RRP, this is a cheap novelty gift item that does exactly what you'd expect, whilst also being practical, useful and stylish.


Nick Smithson

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