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Toy Review

Huckleberry: Water Brush


Manufacturer: Kikkerland
RRP: £10
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Item Number: HB29
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Kikkerland's Huckleberry Water Brush is an eco-friendly way to paint on concrete with zero harm to the environment or property. Screws onto most water or soda bottles. Just fill the bottle with water and paint away. Now your little artist can doodle away to their hearts content...


Simply screw the brush head onto any bottle

Kikkerland's Huckleberry Water Brush is such a simple idea. You simply screw the brush head onto a bottle (it fits most bottles) and then you can "paint" on any dry concrete area. It is sure to bring out the artistic side of your kids.

Now no doubt some will complain that this is teaching children, at a young age, to deface public property. So if you are worried about this you can simply "paint" in your own back yard, without fear of repercussions from do gooders. However, it will also be a good opportunity to use it as a talking point with your children to explain how defacing property is bad, but that this is fine because it will dry up and disappear in a short while, ensuring that no property has been harmed.

It's a cheap, novel tool that can be put in your handbag, backpack or car's glove compartment to ensure you always have it to hand in case your little artist gets bored.


Nick Smithson

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