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Micro Scalextric
Batman Vs Joker Race Set


Manufacturer: Scalextric
RRP: £69.99
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Ages: 4+
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Item Number: G1155
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The Caped Crusader takes on the Clown Prince of Crime himself in this Batman vs Joker battery-operated Micro Scalextric set. Featuring 2 x character cars modelled on Batman and the Joker, this set features 4.08 meters of track, with 9 track layouts which includes a loop-the-loop and half pipe...

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The cars in these Micro sets are the same size as most toy cars

If, like me, you have nephews (or any car mad young family members) then these Micro Scalextric sets are perfect for transitioning them from playing with toy cars to full Scalextric sets. The cars in these Micro sets are the same size as most toy cars (like Hot Wheels or Corgi vehicles) and so it's an idea to keep an eye on them, in case young hands decide to put them away with their other cars.

These sets are simple to construct and dismantle and are ideal for those with a lack of space. In fact, it comes with a vertical stunt ramp, which works thanks to the magnatraction (Scalextric's sexy word for using magnets mounted on the chassis of a Scalextric car to give it extra downforce and tyre grip). This also helps younger children get used to racing around the circuits without the cars flying off every two seconds. Of course, you can remove this option and go old skool if desired.

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The set comes with 10 simple track designs for you to try

To ease the younger members of the family in to the world of slot car racing, there's a speed limiting facility on the hand controllers. This means they can practice racing before you increase the speed, so that they can hone the skill of keeping the car on the track around bends, but it also means that you can have two players of different skills able to compete evenly. The skilled player can have their controlled limited a little more than the novice.

There's endless combinations of track layouts for you to construct (especially if you have other sets that you can use the extra track from), and the set comes with 10 simple track designs for you to try.

Yet another wonderful Micro Scalextric set. It's a package that will be cherished by young and old fans alike.


Darren Rea

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