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PS4 Game Review



Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil


Format: PS4
Publisher: qubytegames
Developer: MrSkullGameStu
RRP: £11.99
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Age Restrictions: 12+
Release Date: 25 January 2024

Aughust Heylel, an exorcist legitimised by the vatican and a relevant priest, doesn't believe in his own faith anymore. He writes a letter talking about his life and his worst mission, the case "Roots of Evil", which started in 1984. His mission was to investigate a house with paranormal activities, but the problem was way deeper. The case stuck into Aughust's head for more than 30 years, and now, it's finally the time to finish it! Features: - Explore the house, find items, notes and cursed objects - Control a 74 year old priest with limited movement, beware of his condition - Aughust's medium skills will take you to unusual places and guide you to solve the mystery - Use your crucifix to exorcize cursed objects and Devils...


Engage in a story focused horror game

Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil is a story focused horror game. You play as a priest as you attempt to help a family with their cursed house. As you explore the house, following your visions, you must exorcize the evil residing within.

This is a game you'll get the most out of if you play through it slowly, soaking up the atmosphere and gameplay mechanics. It's a PS4 game, so it's not the prettiest of offerings out there, but for the most part graphics are not the main focus. You pretty much learn what to do as you progress, although I must admit that I had to restart fairly early on as I used up my "faith" just experimenting with what it did, so that when I needed to use it it had run out.


Wander around a strange deserted house, gathering clues

The game sees you wandering around a strange old house, working out how to gain access to locked areas. Every now and then you'll come across beasites which will try to stop you, but the power of faith can stop them in their tracks. There are also notes and clues left around which help to build up the backstory.

The game can be a little disorienting at times, as your surroundings change and doors disappear and new exits appear, and this helps to add to the atmosphere.

While there's nothing overly new here that you won't have seen dozen of times elsewhere, it's still a good solid game which will appease horror fanatics.


Nick Smithson

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