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PS4 / PS5 Game Review





Format: PS4 / PS5
Publisher: Klabater
Developer: Klabater
RRP: £24.99
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Age Restrictions: 16+
Release Date: 24 March 2024

Pilot the best military helicopters in the world – from the classic machines of the 1950's to the modern 21st-century gunships. Fly missions with your friends and compete with players from around the globe in dynamic multiplayer modes. Become a part of the modern battlefield, support the movement of ground forces, perform assaults and protect supply lines...


Pilot the best military helicopters in the world

Heliborne marks the grand return of an overlooked and almost forgotten genre – combat helicopter action games. Here you get to dive into historical conflicts in single-player historical missions, explore vast maps inspired by real-world locations and engage in ruthless air-to-air and air-to-ground combat. Pilot over 50 military helicopters distributed over three different classes, fight other pilots and ground troops such as tanks, mortars, and anti-aircraft artillery. Test your skill in challenging and unique map types – Capture, Frontline or Landing Operation or play alone the single-player historical missions.

If punishing, richly rewarding tactical combat games are your thing then Heliborne delivers more than you could wish for. Beautiful graphics, large maps and challenging gameplay, make this an incredibly engaging and challenging offering.

There's little in the way of tutorial and you're pretty much thrown in at the deep end, which is no bad thing. I found this extra level of challenge something that made the game even more engrossing. Figuring things out on the fly (if you'll excuse the pun) really appealed to me. Normally I'd be frustrated and probably rage quit. But, because I'm such a fan of flight simulators and flying games in general, I relished getting stuck in and fathoming things out for myself.


Choose from over 50 military helicopters in three different classes

Unless you have friends that you can play online against I don't think there's a huge player base out there for the online multiplayer modes. Single player mode is pretty solid. The game allows you to fly over 50 legendary helicopters, including models from 1955 to 2000's. You can use over 100 possible payload variants. And the included maps include The Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam), Operation Nguyen Hue (Vietnam), Badakhshan Province (Afghanistan), Khost Region (Afghanistan), and Kosovo.

It's certainly not a game for everyone. But if you like combat simulators that are richly rewarding and punishingly challenging, then there's much to enjoy here.


Darren Rea

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