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PS5 Game Review

Total Trails


Format: PS5
Publisher: Repixel8 Ltd
Developer: Repixel8 Ltd
RRP: £7.39
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 28 March 2024

Get ready to conquer the most treacherous terrains on two wheels. Explore epic trails Embark on a mountain biking journey through meticulously crafted trails. Master your biking techniques, manage momentum, and adapt to dynamic terrains in a variety of stunning environments, including forests, mountains, meadows and more. Each location presents unique challenges that will test your skills...


Is this "The most authentic mounting biking experience ever?"

Total Trails is marketed as "the most authentic mountain biking experience ever". The PR blurb states: "We've taken realism to the next level, ensuring that you feel every bump, every turn, and every adrenaline rush as you navigate challenging trails". Hmm, after playing the game for several hours I'm not overly convinced that's even close to the truth.

I think, in their attempt to create as authentic an experience as possible, that the developers forgot to add anything that would draw you back for more. Yes, the environments are beautiful for a budget game. But all you have to do is cycle from one check point to the next without any real sense of achievement or feeling challenged in any capacity. You can go online and race against others, but I still found this somewhat lacking in any real excitement.


There are several camera angles to choose from

I found the handling to be a little clunky, until I got used to it. And in the end I found the best camera angle was the rider's perspective. This handled much better and it was easier to shave those precious seconds off my race time.

Maybe, just maybe, if you're a huge mountain bike fan you'll get something out of this. But, even at the super low price point I was left feeling unsure of what, if anything, I was getting out of it that would make me want to return. It's a shame because, with a little more thought, this could have been interesting.


Darren Rea

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