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Xbox Series X/S Game Review



Doctor Cat


Format: Xbox Series X/S
Publisher: Afil Games
Developer: Headway Games
RRP: £4.19
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 12 April 2024

Step into the shoes of Doctor Cat, a renowned psychologist, and take care of patient cats by discovering their stories and helping them overcome their traumas. Complete jigsaws based on your patients' therapy sessions in order to unlock each of their stories...


Complete jigsaws to unlock each of your patients' stories

Doctor Cat is a simple tile swapping puzzle game that sees you having to complete each jigsaw in order to get to the bottom of your patients' problems.

In total there are 12 patients and therefore 12 puzzles to complete. There are several modes of difficulty to ensure that even the very young can enjoy this game. In Easy Mode the puzzles are 6x6; Normal Mode is 8x8 and Hard Mode is 10x10. There is also a harder mode for your already finished levels. The jigsaws are randomly generated so you can replay as many times as you want.

There was a slight issue with not always being able to quickly see which tile you had selected. When you hover over a tile it gives it a green hue, but on some of the puzzles this is quite hard to see. In addition if you select a tile and then realise you don't want that one there seems to be no way to deselect it.


Doctor Cat is a simple tile swapping puzzle game

While there's not a whole lot to the game, and I have to be honest that I wasn't overly interested in the stories behind each patient, I did enjoy completing the puzzles and I really loved the calming influence of the therapeutic music that played in the background.

While there are much better puzzle games out there, this is cheap enough to warrant picking up for all tile swapping puzzle fans.


Nick Smithson

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