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Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S Game Review





Format: Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S
Publisher: Afil Games
Developer: Afil Games
RRP: £4.19
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 14 May 2024

In the world of Ziggy, you'll take control of a character full of energy and determination. Your mission? Overcome all obstacles by jumping with skill and agility. But that's not all. Ziggy possesses a special ability that sets them apart from everyone else: the powerful Dash. Imagine yourself as a lightning bolt, zooming through the scenery at an impressive speed. Across 30 challenging levels, you'll face increasingly complex obstacles. Be agile, make quick decisions, and showcase your skills to overcome all the challenges that come your way. Get ready to jump, slide, and unleash the power of the Dash in a game that will test your abilities and your capacity for triumph. Conquer the 30 challenging levels and become the ultimate master of Ziggy...


Ziggy is a retro 2D platform game

Ziggy is a retro 2D platform game that will bring back waves of nostalgia for those of us who grew up on '80s games like Manic Miner. The game play is simple, but the levels are frustratingly challenging.

It's very much a case of trial and error on a lot of the levels. And whilst punishing, once you've figured out how to overcome the obstacles facing you, the game is challenging... but fair.

Your character has the ability to jump, double jump and dash. Dash means that you will rush forward a considerable distance. This can be used at any time... even when falling. So, you can jump off platforms and then dash forward to ensure you land on a safe platform below.

While the levels are punishing, the introduction of save points ensures that you don't have to restart the level each time you die. Personally these helped greatly to ensure that I never became that frustrated that I thought about switching the game off in anger.

A cheap and cheerful game that is just punishing enough to make you want to come back for more.


Nick Smithson

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