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PS4 Game Review



Dungeon Arsenal


Format: PS4
Publisher: Brainium Games LLC
Developer: Wendeoo
RRP: £5.79
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 17 May 2024

Traverse a series of random-generated floors filled with cards which you can turn over to reveal weapons and items you need for your journey. However, beware as terrible monsters are also waiting to be revealed... Search each floor for weapons, items and gold to help you move deeper into the dungeon...


Choose your character and then head off into the dungeon

Dungeon Arsenal is an easy to play card game. You start off choosing your character and then head off into the dungeon. You're confronted with rows of cards, a handful of which you can turn over to reveal treasure, weapons, special items or... dungeon monsters. You'll also turn over a card that depicts stone steps. This is your passage out of the current room.

As you progress you can add armour, health and other special items to your character when you find them, or you can save them to use later in the game when the enemies start to become a little more challenging.

It might not look the prettiest of games, but as a fun, relaxing fantasy card offering it is a good way to spend a few hours to unwind.


Nick Smithson

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