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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: José Sánchez-Sanz
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Release Date: 19 January 2024

Plaza Mayor Company Ltd release José Sánchez-Sanz's score for Cemento, a film that explores the architectural importance of Madrid. It takes us on a journey, away from where tourists usually venture, to explore the cities urbanism and nature, youth and old age, day and night...

I loved what composer José Sánchez-Sanz delivered for the movie, on a technical level. It's just that... without the onscreen imagery, the music feels a little disjointed, out of place and a tad lack lustre. This is another score that while it fulfilled it's brief, did it's job for the project and is technically flawless... It just doesn't excite outside of the movie it was designed for.

Talking about the project, Sánchez-Sanz says: "In Cemento I have tried to express the clamour of a city that little by little is consumed among bricks and concrete in a display of artificiality as a spectacle city created for tourists. A city that has become increasingly hostile to the people who live in it, but despite this, they find some way to enjoy what little is left. Cemento is a hymn to the transformation of a city that little by little destroys its landscape."

A technical marvel, just don't expect any surprises.


Darren Rea

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