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Scars, Ghosts & Glory


Artist: Vince Freeman
Label: Kinetic Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 June 2024

Cheltenham-based artist Vince Freeman releases his debut album, Scars, Ghosts & Glory, via Kinetic Records. It's a record that has been a long time coming and documents the twisting journey Freeman has followed on the road to its release. From spending six years in pain with the fear that he may never walk or perform again, to moments of well-timed good-karma at a festival that would put him on the road to stardom; Freeman pours his heart, soul, and incendiary vocals into these songs of lived experience...

Scars, Ghosts & Glory is pretty much a text book example of how to deliver the perfect debut album. Over these 12 songs (38 min, 24 sec) Vince Freeman opens up his heart and soul. It's a soulful, life-affirming listening experience which is hard not to instantly fall in love with. His vocals are smooth and soothing and he delivers earworm after earworm.

The album kicks off with 'Powers' and 'Devils', two incredibly strong singles. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that almost every track here could stand alone as a strong single in its own right. Other highlights include 'Imposter' and 'Real Love'.

I loved this album the first time I played it (very rare for me these days). I loved it several weeks later after many repeat listens. And I know I'll continue to love it when I revisit it frequently for years to come.


Nick Smithson

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