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The Outsiders
Original Broadway Cast Recording


Music: Jonathan Clay, Zach Chance and Justin Levine
Lyrics: Jonathan Clay, Zach Chance and Justin Levine
Performed by: Brody Grant, Sky Lakota-Lynch, Joshua Boone and Brent Comer
Label: Sony Masterworks Broadway
Release Date: 12 July 2024

The original broadway cast recording of The Outsiders is released via Sony Masterworks Broadway. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1967, Ponyboy Curtis, his best friend Johnny Cade and their Greaser family of “outsiders” battle with their affluent rivals, the Socs. This thrilling new Broadway musical navigates the complexities of self-discovery as the Greasers dream about who they want to become in a world that may never accept them. With a dynamic original score, The Outsiders is a story of friendship, family, belonging... and the realization that there is still 'lots of good in the world...'

The original cast recording of The Outsiders contains 19 songs (1 hr, 03 min, 23 sec) and for a new musical it delivers an incredible collection of instant earworms. The most notable is the lush 'Great Expectations' performed by Ponyboy Curtis (played by Brody Grant) - which is also revisited in 'Far Away From Tulsa'. But other notable tracks include 'I Could Talk to You All Night', 'Death's at My Door'. 'Throwing in the Towel' and Finale (Tulsa '67)'.

The balance and mix in styles ensures that there's a little something for everyone. But as a whole, it works incredible well to tell the story, without getting bogged down in musical cliches.

For fans of musical theatre, you can enjoy this album's songs on their own merits even if you haven't seen the production... but you'll want to book tickets after hearing this release.

A wonderfully produced album of memorable and beautifully structured songs.


Darren Rea

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