Human Species and Beyond

Author: Rajesh Singh
Synergy Books
RRP: 9.99, US $17.95
ISBN 0 9764981 7 0
Available 30 April 2006

The overwhelming factual evidence presented by the author breaks through the traditional barriers of divide between the science and the spirit as he connects the messages of the scriptures to the evolution of human species during the course of the past 3.5 billion years and offers a fresh look into the possibilities of our future growth during the next seven billion years - the remaining age of planet earth. And this he does by unveiling the mysteries locked in our biological makeup. The idea of our passage into supramental species emerges as the idea of a New Age and imparts futuristic orientation to an otherwise aimless civilisation buzz...

Human Species and Beyond is a bit of a difficult book to do justice to. While I followed most of Rajesh Singh's reasoned arguments on what may await the future of mankind, as well as the path that every single soul that is alive today must follow, I wasn't so convinced by some of his arguments. But then, that's the beauty of publications like this - it's not essential that you agree with the author's views. Like any intelligent debate, it's actually more interesting when you don't agree fully with another party. One thing is certain though, Singh will open your mind to other possibilities - which, I suspect is his true aim in publishing this book in the first place.

The book attempts to break through the traditional divide between the science and the spirit, with Singh connecting the messages of the scriptures to the evolution of the human species during the course of the last 3.5 billion years. By unveiling the mysteries locked in our biological makeup he claims to offer a fresh look into the possibilities of our future growth forms.

Perhaps the books biggest flaw is using the Bible to back up a lot of its claims. I have several issues with this. Firstly, you have to take it as red that the Bible is indeed the word of God, and not a book written by powerful men to keep the rest of us living in fear of going to Hell if we don't behave ourselves. And secondly, you can use the Bible to argue any point and always find a passage that backs up your view.

But thankfully he does quote many other references (although, sometimes these seemed to be taken a little out of context), and I was moved to seek out some of his reference material for a more in-depth look at his arguments.

I also took issue with Singh's insistence on going around the houses when explaining his ideas, and his overly long sentences which could have been broken down to make them more easily digestible. For example, on the theory of the Big Bang:

Over a period of time the science of cosmology, that seeks to reduce seemingly chaotic proportions of astronomical activity to well-defined spurrings of the initial few seconds succeeding the bang, has become increasingly susceptible to the investigative efforts of physics and quantum mechanics to integrate this bang, say, of a black hole or a neutron star, with an energy regime which passes into the phenomenal world with enormous ease and rapidity from its own parental world of the noumen.

To be honest, on the whole Singh does make an impressive case for his theories... which, at the end of the day, is all they are, theories.

Whether you follow his arguments, or view them as the rantings of a cult leader in the making, one thing is certain, Singh's views are intriguing and certainly warrant your time in discovering.

Nick Smithson

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