Sci-Fi Movies
Facts, Figures & Fun (Hardback)

Author: John Grant
RRP: 5.99, US $9.95
ISBN 1 904332 35 8
Available 15 June 2006

A lightning survey of the best - and the worst - of the world of sci-fi movies. Perfect material for a movie-based quiz or just a quiet read in the smallest room in the house...

Movies: Facts, Figures & Fun is one of those books that the Internet should have made redundant. The biggest problem with this book is that I can't think who this would be of interest to. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with sci-fi movies will already know most of the "facts" collected here.

For example, what facts do we get on the original The Fly? Fact one - the remake wasn't a remake but more a reworking of the whole concept; fact two - there were two sequels The Fly and The Fly II. Well thank you for that insight into nothing. I mean come on. Even a quick scour of the Internet will dredge up more entertaining information than that. Yes, I know that this entry was in the "Remake" chapter, but how about some more information other than "Yes there was a remake - the end!" How about looking into the time period each remake was released. For example Dracula was remade in 1992 and the reason it was so topical at the time was because of the whole Aids threat. Incidentally Dracula is missing in this book's "Remake" chapter.

At the end of the day, what we get are a list of sci-fi movies that are loosely grouped under different themes. The majority of each entry is taken up by the movie synopsis, which is then followed up by a fact that, nine times out of ten, is neither interesting or useful.

I said it earlier, but with the introduction of the Internet there really is no excuse for a book as thrown together as this to be thrust onto an unsuspecting public. Probably only useful to give to a die-hard sci-fi nut who you don't particularly like.

Sadly the whole think feels like it was cobbled together over a dull weekend by someone with nothing better to do.

Nick Smithson

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