The Art of Superman Returns (Hardback)

Author: Daniel Wallace
Titan Books
RRP: 24.99
ISBN 1 84576 308 4
Available 30 June 2006

The Man of Steel continues his quest for truth and justice in
Superman Returns. Discover the concept and development art that brought Superman's newest adventure to the silver screen. Stunning photographs, illustrations, scale-models, storyboards, and full-colour paintings, as well as interviews with the director, screenwriters, and production and costume designers explore the artistic evolution of the film...

As movie souvenir books go, they don't come much better than The Art of Superman Returns. This coffee table edition is packed to bursting (and I do mean bursting) with some fantastic images of the sets, models, costumes and other behind the scenes artwork that you never thought you'd ever need to know about.

What you get is page after page of artwork, images from the film, photos of the models and tons of other imagery that, no matter how small, went into making this movie possible. The text is kept to the bare minimum (this is an "art" book after all) but is packed with interesting information.

My only moan (and this is really anal) is to do with the dust jacket. This has been printed exclusively for the UK market (there is only a price in sterling printed on it), So why does Titan insist on spelling "colour" the American way. I know that some American's likes to think that they rule the entire galaxy, but the language is called "English" - the clue is in the title. Now, while I appreciate that we have to put up with American spellings for books that are published in the USA, to have a separate UK dust jacket that still Americanises the spellings really winds me up. Ah.... and relax! Moan over.

If you enjoyed Superman Returns, and want to own a beautifully present piece of art that chronicles everything you've ever wanted to know about the movie's conception (and then some), you should rush out and buy this. This is not just a behind-the-scenes look at a blockbuster movie - it's also a work of art.

Darren Rea

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