Life on Mars
The Official Companion (Hardback)

Author: Guy Adams and Lee Thompson
Pocket Books
RRP: 16.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 8473 9005 9
ISBN-10: 1 8473 9005 6
Available 20 November 2006

Detective Sam Tyler is racing to save his girlfriend and colleague from a serial killer when a car crash puts him into a coma. When he wakes up he is no longer in 2006 - he is now assigned to the team run by the loudmouthed and un-politically correct DCI Gene Hunt in 1973. Now you can read all about the creation, inspiration and production of the BBC TV show in this official guide to the first series of
Life on Mars...

Life on Mars follows the life of Sam Tyler as he struggled to do his job and keep his sanity in the beer-swilling, cigarette-smoking, punch first and ask questions later world of a 1970's police station. Was he lost in time or just his own head? Would he ever return to the 'real' world? What had brought him to this time and place?

This was the opening premise that hooked 7 million viewers and had them glued to their screens every week as the mystery surrounding Sam deepened and his dilemma grew ever more intense. Will he ever get home again, and how? Why is he in 1973, and can he hang on to his sanity and cope with life in a very different world than the one he is used to? Is it all coma-induced, in his head, or is it real?

Produced with the full backing of series production company Kudos - the makers of Spooks and Hustle - the official Life on Mars companion is packed with interviews with cast and crew and insights into the making of the series, from what first inspired it to the meticulously researched 1970s background and design. The result is a package which recreates the look and feel of the show.

Most companion books are fairly dry affairs - usually cheaply produced black and white pages with poor pictures slapped on the page (check out Titan Books ongoing Stargate series of companion books if you don't know what I mean). Thankfully Pocket Books have pulled out all the stops to ensure that fans of Life on Mars are treated to something a little special. What we get are full-colour glossy pages throughout with some great photography.

DVDs are doing it all the time these days, but a book?!!? How many books do you know that house a hidden extra? Well, this one does. Remove the dust jacket and you are greeted with a fantastic looking retro '70s style cover.

For those that loved the first series of Life on Mars, this is an essential purchase.

Pete Boomer

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