Point Pleasant
The Complete Series

Starring: Elisabeth Harnois, Grant Show, Sam Page, Aubrey Dollar, Dina Meyer, Cameron Richardson and Brent Weber
20th Century Fox
RRP: 29.99
Certificate: 15
Available 23 January 2006

Something very unusual is about to wash up on the sleepy shores of New Jersey. Point Pleasant is a sleepy, coastal town. Rescued from the waves by local lifeguard Jesse, the enigmatic and beautiful Christina recovers from her ordeal at the home of local doctor Ben Kramer. The Kramers have recently lost a daughter, and welcome her with open arms. Strangely, no-one questions her arrival in the town or her reluctance to contact her estranged father, and once she discovers clues in the town to the identity of the mother she never knew, Christina decides to stay. The residents of the town soon start to feel the effects of Christina in their midst as their emotions run riot and tempers flare whenever she is near; even the weather seems to takes it's cues from her moods. Slowly they come to understand that Christina is not an ordinary 17-year-old, but no-one, least of all Christina, suspects quite how unusual she really is. As Christina delves deeper into her sinister and supernatural roots, she is blissfully unaware that with her arrival in Point Pleasant a prophecy is being fulfilled...

Point Pleasant jumped straight in at the deep end of the ocean in 2004. This TV drama from Fox drama was produced by Marti Noxon, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fame. When the show first aired in America it gained a small, but loyal, following. Sadly it was cancelled by Fox after disappointing audience figures, despite rave reviews - some of which describing the series as this generation's X Files.

Only eight episodes were shown in the States, with UK TV channel E4 snapping up the European rights after five shows. But, as with the ill-fated Firefly and Wonderfalls, neither Fox nor E4 decided it possible to air the entire series. Here's where the DVD box set satisfies the taste of the hardened fan of the series. With all eight aired episodes plus the five unaired episodes and the addition of the never seen before pilot, there's something for fans of the series along with newcomers alike.

Featuring a fine performance from the entire cast throughout the series, Point Pleasant takes you on a journey through good and evil, with the main character Christina; the daughter of the Devil, being found drowning in the shallow New Jersey end of the Atlantic Ocean. A local lifeguard Jesse comes to her aid to revive her and as with all current US shows, romance and skulduggery ensues.

Where Point Pleasant differs from the sandwich of Dawson's Creek and OC wannabies is first and foremost a strong and genuinely moving storyline and a performance from the entire cast to match. Hollywood veteran of Melrose Place, Grant Show literally commands the screen from his entrance midway through the early episodes as the Devil's right hand man. Himself a victim of fate, he tries to guide Christina toward the 'Dark' path but with fierce resistance.

As the tale moves toward its climactic end, you feel a sense of involvement with the characters and a need to watch the next show to find out what happens, which is indeed sorely missed from many a recent series. Overall, the series itself was an exceptional journey into the deepest secrets of the human spirit and a stark look at ourselves. Picture the scene; you're the chosen one and all you want is to kiss the town's best looking boy and have a normal life. However, the town's best looking boy happens to be chosen by God for a purpose.

Hours of relaxing, and on occasion, intense storytelling make this a must buy for the average sci-fi fan and drama lover alike. With the perfect cast and location you do really wonder what exactly the guys at Fox are playing at.

The only downside to the package is the lack of extras. A making of feature and an unaired pilot may have been the norm a few years ago, but fans have come to expect more from a DVD. Despite this, for 29.99 you can't really complain.

Gareth Williams

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