Raze's Hell

Format: Xbox

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Age Restrictions: 12+
17 February 2006

Under the leadership of their twisted Princess, the Kewletts are trying to impose their disturbingly distorted view of utopia upon the masses. Raze, an alien whose race is being attacked, goes to war against the Kewletts, gaining the respect and assistance of some of the other inhabitants of the planet. As he grows in power, Raze works his way closer to the capital of Kewtopia to uncover the truth behind the Kewlett take-over...

Raze's Hell is a darkly comic third-person, action-shooter set in a fantasy world overrun by fiendishly cute creatures. You play Raze, an alien whose race is deemed too ugly by the Kewletts. Their expansion and slaughtering of all things uncute has left your race on the brink of extinction. You take a no-holds-barred approach to stopping this sickeningly sweet onslaught dead in its tracks with a variety of weapons and abilities.

Unfortunately, there's nothing here that we haven't seen before, and to be honest, even released as a budget priced game, it's difficult to sing this game's praises from the rooftops. Everything is just so average. And you'll probably complete this a little quicker than is normal for this style of game.

Was there a political message here too? Is this game a bit of social commentary on the whole War on Terror debate? The Kewletts are not a million miles away from that great nation of individuals that place beauty and their way of life as the way that all nations should follow. Intentionally or otherwise, Americans can learn a lot from this fictional race of aliens.

While I know this is a steal at under £20, I couldn't help feeling that a little more polish would have gone a long way to making an average game a much better title.

Nick Smithson

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