Tak 3
The Great Juju Challenge

Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 03+
03 March 2006

The top teams from across the world have come to compete in The Great Juju Challenge. Representing the Pupanunu tribe are Tak and Lok who will face great adversity in the form of Jujus, wild animals and some menacing new tribes...

In the third in the Tak series of games, The Great Juju Challenge, not only do you get to play as Tak, the young "chosen one" of the Pupanunu tribe, you also get to control Lok, the big, dim tribesman that accompanies Tak on his challenge. Together the two make a formidable team. There are certain areas of the game and challenges that can only be accomplished by using one of the two characters, or a combination of the two to unlock more complex puzzles.

As with previous Tak games, a big part of why this franchise has flourished is its high production values, fantastic vocal actors and, most importantly, its humour.

Also, similar to past games in the franchise are the way your characters can use creatures from their environments to solve puzzles. Can't get a rhino to wake up? You can spend hours jumping on it or kicking it to no avail. But if you pick up a baby rhino and bring it to within hearing distance of the big rhino it will soon wake up. Or, if you can't find a baby rhino, a nest of bees will do the trick too.

Sadly gamers can't change the camera controls - a big problem if you are used to reversing your horizontal and/or vertical axis for the camera movement. This is by far the biggest stumbling block. Even after days of playing I couldn't get used to the fact that when I wanted to pan the camera to look left (I like to press right for this) then the camera would look right.

This, to my mind, is the best Tak game to date. It's a challenging (but not enough to be annoying), addictive and well polished platform game that will please old and new gamers alike.

Pete Boomer

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