Air Taxi Manager
Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Format: PC
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Age Restrictions: Not Rated
17 March 2006

Savvy business travellers are turning to the emerging air taxi services industry in their droves and in this latest add-on for
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, you have the opportunity to run your very own air taxi business. Operate one of five different air taxi companies based in Europe or the US, each of which own two or three aircraft. To stay competitive you will have to price your tickets sensibly but still turn a profit and stay in the air...

Modern airlines currently arrange their schedules around a hub and spoke system to make best use of their high seat capacity. While this method moves thousands of passengers to their destinations, the flights are subject to delays and suffer from missed connections, equipment problems and increased airport security. Savvy frequent travellers are turning to the emerging air taxi services industry. An air taxi passenger bypasses the crowded hubs and flies directly to his destination. They board the aircraft quickly and is ready moments after touchdown. They also avoid the inconvenience of long lines and saves valuable time.

As an air taxi operator, you'll stress streamlined service and competitive prices as you fly point to point rather than through the airline hubs. As an air taxi pilot, you'll fly new aircraft which include three very light jets ("microjet") and high performance props: Cessna Mustang Safire Jet Diamond Twin Star Maverick Jet Cirrus SR22.

In Air Taxi Manager you'll need to remain a profitable air taxi service by watching your costs carefully. Using the Air Taxi wizard, you can operate one of five different air taxi companies and fly typical point to point routes from your home base. You'll have the freedom to charge your passengers a competitive price for their tickets. Keep your planes in the air and you should remain profitable.

It's really great to see Microsoft offering purchasers of Flight Simulator 2004 yet another cracking add-on. The graphics are, as we've come to expect, a thing of beauty and the handling of the each craft will also take a little getting used to. There really is a knack to getting your pricing right, while ensuring that your fleet is fully maintained for regular use.

For those flight simulator addicts out there, this is yet another must have addition to your collection.

Nick Smithson

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