State of Emergency 2

Format: PS2
South Peak

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Age Restrictions: 18+
21 April 2006

Ten years have passed and the Corporation has re-emerged, stronger and more brutal than ever. Join Spanky and his cohorts to ignite the flames of revolution against the oppressive Corporation and create a full-blown State of Emergency...

Spanky and his gang of revolutionaries are back, and this time they're bigger and badder. Thrust into the middle of a chaotic prison riot, you must survive long enough to plan your escape. A deeper and more engaging Story Mode allows you to switch between the principal characters and take advantage of each character's unique abilities, such as MacNeil's sharp-shooting or Spanky's gang control.

State of Emergency 2 is not a good game. It looks, and feels, very dated. And I'm sorry, but how can you take any game where the main character is a violent thug called Spanky seriously?

This game frustrates more than it entertains. There's a huge amount of trial and error involved in the gameplay. Go charging into a situation and you'll more likely than not get yourself blasted to pieces. But, because the guards, traps and surprises, are all situated in exactly the same position every time you replay each level, it won't take you long to blast your way through to the end.

There's nothing more frustrating than walking into an unforeseen situation that leaves you dead before you know what's hit you. Then having to go back to the start of that level and fight your way through the same enemies to get to where you left off. While this might, you could argue, mean that you'd be better advised to scout out the area before you go charging in, this isn't always possible.

In addition to the main Story Mode there is an Arcade Mode (where you have a set number of tasks to complete) and a number of multiplayer modes.

While there are some nice touches - like the crowds of prisoners running amok (although some variety would have been welcomed - you seem to be in a prison full of clones that were created from a handful of men) and tripping over if you run into them - on the whole this is pretty uninspiring.

To sum this game up... in a word, it's average.

Pete Boomer

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