Lock on Gold
Air Combat Simulation - With Flaming Cliffs Expansion Pack

Format: PC
Ubisoft/Evolved Games

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Age Restrictions: 7+
28 April 2006

Lock on Gold is the only modern day flight simulation game to combine high fidelity with a broad choice of aircraft. The game is filled with action-packed missions, realistic flight modelling and flexible game options that provide unlimited game play action to both beginner and veteran flight simulation fans. The game's blend of high-powered aircraft and various fighting styles combine for the most realistic flight sim featuring today's most advanced military aircraft...

Lock On Gold is an updated version of the highly acclaimed Lock On Modern Air Combat released in 2003. This new version has many improvements including a new Russian aircraft, the Su-25T and the Flaming Cliffs campaign.

If you are looking for an air combat game where you can be up and flying in seconds engaging the enemy in mid-air with very little training, then Lock on Gold is probably not going to be your cup of tea. If, however, you are after a realistic battle simulator that allows you to experience the realities of a war zone, then this is the game you've been waiting for.

Visually this game looks the business - making other flight simulators seem like their backgrounds have been drawn by an eight year old with crayons. While it look fantastic, you're going to need a fairly high spec computer to ensure that it runs smoothly.

You're really going to have to put in the hours before you can fly comfortably - and what you learn in one aircraft won't necessarily help you when you are attempting to fly the other planes. And don't expect waves and waves of enemy aircraft to be on the horizon waiting for you to line them in your sights. At times the gameplay can be a tad dull as you spend ages just seeking out your target, or where some action is. But, once you get used to it you soon realise that part of the fun is getting to your destination.

I had a nightmare trying to install this game - it took three attempts and the best part of an afternoon, but I have to admit that the results were worth it.

It probably goes without saying, but you're going to have to buy yourself a decent joystick to play this game. It's certainly worth splashing out if you think you're going to spend the hours it'll take to get anywhere near half good at flying your chosen aircraft.

The sound is first rate too - to the point of being quite frightening. When that warning sound starts screaming at you, you take notice - you can't miss the damn thing. And the jet engine sounds are all well realised

If you are looking for a realistic combat simulator which will challenge you for months to come, then congratulations you've found it.

Nick Smithson

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