Blood Money

Format: Xbox 360

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Age Restrictions: 18+
26 May 2006

Hitman's back, drawing you closer than ever into his deadly world where staying anonymous, being smart and totally ruthless are the key to a perfect execution. Lucrative contracts on the rich and powerful in high profile locations, make killing for money good business. But when a rival agency enters the scene it's war and only the best man will be left standing...

In Hitman: Blood Money, assassins from Agent 47's contract agency, The ICA, are systematically eliminated in a series of hits. It seems that a larger, more powerful agency has entered the fray. For Agent 47 it's business as usual, until suddenly he loses contact with The ICA. Sensing that he may be the next target, he travels to America, where he prepares to make a killing. Agent 47 is back and this time he's getting paid in cold, hard cash. How the money is spent will affect his passage through the game and the weapons at his disposal, resulting in a unique gaming experience every time you play the game.

If you've played any of the other Hitman games in this series, then Blood Money will not disappoint. Everything has been overhauled to ensure that this game is one of the best in the franchise. But you don't have to be an old hand to be able to jump right in and play. If you've never played a Hitman game before, the developers have made it simple to slip into.

If you don't want to tip anyone off that you are hard at work, you can rig items to make your killings look like an unfortunate accident (rigging the chandeliers is pretty cool); and then hide your victims body in anything big enough that you can find. You can also hide in closets as well as conceal your weapons. It's this ability to use your environment that elevates this game from good to great.

On missions it's important to ensure that you leave no clues behind that you were there. Because if you repeatedly mess up, by shooting innocent civilians, leaving eyewitnesses to your crime, or not destroying CCTV footage, then an increasingly accurate photofit image of you will be circulated. However, do well and you will be rewarded with money with which to extend your arsenal and further your missions.

At the end of the day this is a good solid game that you'll really enjoy, as long as you are prepared to get into the spirit of things. Try not to go into every situation and kill everyone you see (to prevent anyone squealing to the authorities) and try to be a little more stealth like in your operations. Although, if you want to race to the end, killing everyone in sight is a quicker way of finish the game - it's just not as satisfying.

Blood Money is certainly a hit with us.

Nick Smithson

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