MotoGP '06

Format: Xbox 360

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Age Restrictions: 3+
16 June 2006

With the inclusion of the new 2006 bikes, riders and tracks, for the first time ever
MotoGP fans will be able to recreate the brand new season as it unfolds. The game not only features the new 2006 season bikes, riders and tracks, but the full 2005 season as well. There are 17 GP tracks, including the new Shanghai, Laguna Seca, and Istanbul circuits, and in Extreme Mode there are 17 street tracks, including new Monterey Costal Highway. So what are you waiting for? Get into your leathers and get racing...

MotoGP '06 takes all of the traditional elements that have seen the series garner critical acclaim for its three Xbox predecessors and launches the franchise onto the next generation console with a blaze of glory. New tracks, new bike models, refined handling and comprehensive Live functionality make this a truly fresh and aspirational title, even for hardened fans of the series. For the first time a MotoGP title also launches with the current season's data, giving unprecedented accuracy to the real sport and providing another reason why MotoGP '06 pushes the highly regarded franchise another step closer to racing perfection.

If bike racing is your thing, then you're going to have to go a long way to beat the thrills and spills you'll experience in MotoGP '06. You can customise everything including your bike, helmet and leathers and the 2005 season is programmed in too so, should you so want to, you can race against your heroes who all perform as they did in the real races from that season. Anyone who has played the previous game in this series (MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3 for the Xbox) will feel right at home. While the gameplay will be very familiar, the graphics have taken a very noticeable leap forward.

This is not a game where you can go speeding into corners or plough through the competition to get ahead of the pack - it's much more sophisticated than that. Touch the verge and you'll quickly slow to a crawl, tap another player's bike with your tyres and you'll end up landing on your backside on the track. If you want to play this game properly you'll have to invest plenty of hours in getting to know each and every turn in every course. Only then can you hope to play this game like a real bike racer.

But it's the online racing that really gets the adrenaline pumping. You can race against 16 players that are a match for your biking skills. This helps to add a depth of realism to the game, as the AI riders do have a habit of just driving around and ploughing into you as though you weren't really there.

Any serious bike racing fan will lap this up. It is by far and away the best game in its class that we've ever played. Yet another instant classic in the MotoGP series.

Pete Boomer

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