Full Spectrum Warrior
Ten Hammers

Format: PC

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Age Restrictions: 15+
23 June 2006

In a barely disguised version of the present, ongoing conflicts, you lead your team against the forces of the insurgency, trying to bring peace to a world gone mad...

The first thing that you notice about this game is just how visually rich it is. I haven't really played a game like this since I had Black Hawk Down, which I found to be a very disappointing game experience. This baby is in a whole different league of its own.

Initially, the range of controls is somewhat daunting, but worry not, as the first mission walks you through the major commands that you will need to kick some insurgent butt. For people like me who hates reading the manual, this is a god send, however to get the best out of the game the manual becomes invaluable.

However, what we really want to know is just what sort of cool toys do we get to play with. Well you have your squad, which can be used as a whole, or split up into buddy groups. The squad can be directed to blow the bejesus out of enemy groups, lay down suppressing cover or you can take over for a spot of precision shooting. You control your four man squad choosing their level of cover and you can even move them inside buildings. If you really hate any of your squad you can send them off for a bit of scouting. Running into trouble, no problem, during the game you also have the options of either using mechanised units or calling in air strikes.

Games like this are just begging to be played on-line and sometime the single player game can suffer neglect, not so in Ten Hammers, which provides an excellent gaming experience in either multi or single player mode. Given that the original program was developed for the military you just know that the level of realism is going to be high and the game creates a world that draws you in and keeps the tense heart pounding action going strong throughout. The game ambience is further enhanced by having an excellent soundscape.

Without a doubt the developers have proven that you can take an already great game, in Full Spectrum Warrior and make it so much better, though you're going to have to have a fairly high spec machine to get the best out of the game. My main games computer is only about a year old and it noticeably struggled, at times, with the frame rate, even after I had turned off all the other running applications. Still, I was impressed enough with the game play, and the level of immersion, to contemplate getting a copy for my Xbox.

If your into squad based games you're gonna love this one, so long as you have a decently spec'd machine.

Charles Packer

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