Format: Xbox 360
Take-Two Interactive

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Age Restrictions: 18+
14 July 2006

Tommy is a Cherokee garage mechanic stuck on a reservation going nowhere. His life changes when he and his friends and family are abducted and held captive onboard an alien mothership orbiting Earth. He sets out to save himself and his girlfriend and eventually his planet. Playing as Tommy, you must e
nter an unpredictable world where nothing can be taken for granted. Most of the game takes place within a living ship, a giant entity that can sense and react to Tommy's presence...

If you are of a paranoid disposition, or take mind altering drugs on a regular basis, I suggest you steer clear of Prey. For the rest of the normal population, this game is one hell of a scary mind trip that will seriously mess with your head.

The game opens with you playing as Tommy as you wander around the local bar where your girlfriend works. This in itself is quite entertaining as you can change the music on the juke box as well as play a number of games machines. Then, before you know it, you and your friends are abducted by an alien race and transported aboard their mothership. While you've no idea what they want, it's a safe bet they are hostile.

The sequence where you are held captive aboard the spaceship is interesting too. All you can do is look around, but it feels like you are on a cross between a roller-coaster (like Alton Towers's Nemesis) and ghost train ride. Then you are freed, by a mysterious disembodied voice, and can explore the ship on foot.

As you wander around the ship you'll be able to pick up different weapons as well as alien creatures that you can use as grenades. You can walk through living walls (that open when you approach them) as well as unlocked alien doors. Occasionally you'll also find portals that can transport you to other parts of the ship. In fact, a couple of these portals transport you into a different part of the same room and you can actually look through the portal and see yourself across the room - this is something that has to be seen for it to make sense, but it's quite a messed up feeling when you suddenly see yourself from across the room.

Gravity can be manipulated too. You can walk on gangways that allow you to walk up walls and on the ceiling, and you can also shoot certain control panels so that the gravity shifts in a different direction. This helps you access other parts of the ship.

On a negative point, I did feel as though I was being shepherded everywhere. You can't really explore the ship fully - you just go in the pre-set pathway that is laid out for you. But to be honest, as the alien ship looks the same wherever you are, I'm glad you couldn't really go exploring otherwise I'd have run around in circles for hours.

Then there's the native American spirits side to the game. You discover that you can leave your body and travel to areas that your physical body can't go to - this comes in hands for moving past forcefields. And, when you die, you find yourself in the spirit world where you have to shoot down as many floating sprits as possible so that you can return to the spaceship and continue on your journey. I found this part of the game a breath of fresh air from the usual gorey death that means you have to restart that level. Here, when you die and are then brought back to life, you start in the same position you left off from.

There is a slight danger that you'll start to tire of the similar looking surroundings and alien life forms that you encounter, but to be honest new elements are constantly drip fed to you to try and keep the gameplay feeling fresh.

Visually impressive, with a gameplay like you've never experienced before, Prey is one hell of an engaging offering. In a market overflowing with games that just repeat all that has gone before, Prey injects some much needed originality into the first person shooter genre.

Nick Smithson

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