Jaws Unleashed

Format: Xbox

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Age Restrictions: 18+
22 September 2006

You are one of Earth's most fearsome creatures a great white shark. When the Environplus CEO'S son falls prey to your deadly attacks, the CEO hires renowned shark hunter Cruz Ruddock to track and kill you. Meanwhile, Marine Biologist Michael Brody tries to capture you for research. Can Ruddock and Brody stop you from causing havoc...?

Oh dear. Where to start with this game? Firstly... great idea, but years too late. And secondly what drugs where the game testers on? Because they seemed to have failed to have pointed out to the programmers that this game is virtually unplayable.

I have to admit though that I only played this game for just over an hour before I gave in and hurled the controller at the TV screen. Firstly the camera controls made my head spin and I just couldn't get the hang of positioning the camera so that I could see where I was going (yes, you can alter the controls, sort of, and there is the option to play the game in first person mode - but that's not very impressive either).

You start life as a hungry great white shark, minding your own business swimming around eating the odd swimmer or diver - what's wrong with that, I hear you cry? Then, before you know what's happened you have been captured and shipped off to a large aquarium - so that the public can pay to see you swim around.

To escape from the aquarium you must first jump out of the water and grab a scientist in your jaws. Then swim over to a card reader so that his security pass will open up the entrance to your holding tank allowing your to swim into the main aquarium area. Of course life is not that simple and there are plenty of divers and security guards waiting to pump you full of lead and harpoons.

I soon started to loose interest when I could travel about two feet before I was instantly killed. It didn't seem to matter how many fish or humans I chewed on, my "hungry" meter drained extremely quickly and randomly went up and down.

It's a shame really because the graphics look okay and this could have been a fun game - if someone had actually made an effort.

Only buy this game if you are mentally challenged, like standing on your head whilst playing games, or you are a soul stuck in purgatory and don't feel you are being punished enough. It's so bad that I'm thinking of buying it for the in-laws.

Darren Rea

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