Samurai Warriors 2

Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 12+
22 September 2006

Long before the twilight of the samurai, Japan was ruled by powerful leaders hungry to unite the land under one banner. The samurai and ninja who defended their land and honour became legends. Follow the path of the samurai warriors through all new tales in Story, Free and Survival modes. Team up with friends for 2-player Co-op play or challenge them at Sugoroku, a bonus party game for up to 4 players. Plus unlock over 70 bold cinematic visions of Japan's samurai history...

Samurai Warriors 2 sounds promising, but really it's another mindless button mashing hack and slash game that requires no real thought or skill. Wade into the mass army of your opponent and press those buttons repeatedly (actually you only really have two buttons to worry about anyway).

To be fair the developers have attempted to add a little more depth to the fighting element (i.e. the main element) of this game. There are now special moves that allow you to lay waste to several enemies at a time. But, at the end of the day this is still heavy on the button mashing.

The in-game graphics are fairly impressive, but then again there is not much variety to your enemy - all move and look identical. But in 2-player mode you'll notice a dramatic decline in the graphics.

Even the cut sequences are a let down. Defeat one boss in a battle and you will get exactly the same cut sequence as with all the other bosses, but with the body changed, as he limps of with a poorly arm threatening that he'll be back - how cheap is that?

But for me, the biggest let down was the fact that after several days of playing I seemed to be still doing things I'd done on my very first go. I never really felt as though I was accomplishing anything.

If you like hack and slash games and are not bothered about the fact that this is the same old tosh dished up with a new label on it, then you'll love this game. Everyone else will find it a distinctly average experience.

Nick Smithson

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