Samurai Warriors 2

Format: Xbox 360

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Age Restrictions: 12+
22 September 2006

Travel back in time to ancient Japan and fight your way through the ranks of your enemies, bringing death and destruction wherever you venture. Follow the history of the mysterious samurai warriors as you fight to bring order where there is none...

Samurai Warriors 2 follows on where the first game left off. Things have been upgraded significantly and the gamer is offered a slightly tweaked fighting system. However, no matter what the press release says, this is still a hack and slash by numbers; a button mashing frenzy.

There are a few interesting additions, including the Monopoly style bonus game called Sugoroku, but to be blunt Samurai Warriors 2 won't hold the attention of many gamers for that long. But if you do find yourself hooked you'll be disappointed to learn that whether you play this game for two minutes or two days very little changes.

All of your enemy look identical and when you are faced with the odd boss you soon find that the developers use the same cut sequence when you defeat them. Yup, every time you beat one of them senseless they run away holding their arm and threatening that they will be back.

There are nice touches - like the ability to whistle to the nearest horse, which will then take you to your destination quicker than travelling on foot - but there's nothing original here that you won't have seen before.

If you want another mindless button mashing game then you'll probably enjoy this. Otherwise try before you buy.

Ray Thompson

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