Atelier Iris 2
The Azoth of Destiny

Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 12+
29 September 2006

Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth Of Destiny is the sequel to the popular RPG about a young alchemist looking to prove himself. In this continuation of the story, you'll take control of two main characters, each with their own playing style. You'll switch between them at will, as one travels the world for turn-based battle, while the other uses his skills to stay behind and create magical items. The two characters will magically share a common item pouch, allowing them to communicate as well as share & use different items...

This sequel gives players an entirely new cast of characters to get to know, as well as offering two different worlds to explore - where the actions in one can have a massive effect on the other. Players take on the roles of two orphans in a desperate struggle to save their land, Eden from destruction. In order to save Eden though, one of them needs to travel to the world of Belkhyde to uncover the reasons behind the fate of their land, while the other must stay behind on Eden to try to delay its impending doom.

With unique abilities specific to each character, players must switch between the two to aid each others cause. The game was developed by the renowned Japanese software company Gust, who have created a brand new "Active Time Battle System" which now gives players the chance to see who is going to strike first. It also enables characters to enter "break mode", which magnifies hits and allows attacks to be strung together to unleash some serious damage.

Take a blow from your enemy however, and you could be knocked into the "break zone", making you vulnerable to chained attacks and much bigger damage. Charge attacks also enable characters to pull off truly spectacular attacks, depending upon the skills that individual has developed.

The story events set the setting and explain your mission. The initial goal of the game is to save Eden from destruction. At the start Viese is the only alchemist who can create valuable Mana items. Therefore, you are required to switch your characters between Felt and Viese to synthesise items.

Travel between destinations is conducted on a simple map. Simply point and click the destination you wish to go. Both Felt and Viese can extract elements by destroying objects found in dungeons and action maps. Item synthesis is a Mana skill to create new items from objects you collect during the quest. Items you create can be used to blacksmith new weapons during the quest. The more items you create, the more weapons you can blacksmith.

This game is for all those old school types who want to engaging in a gripping and exciting storyline. While this shouldn't take you any longer than a lazy weekend to complete, the replay value is worth the money.

Pete Boomer

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