Extraction Point (Expansion Pack)

Format: PC
Vivendi Universal

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Age Restrictions: 18+
27 October 2006

Defeating the forces of Armacham was only the beginning.
The F.E.A.R: Extraction Point expansion pack takes you to the next chapter - now Alma is looking for retribution. The game kicks off where the original game ended - with a bang. The First Encounter Assault Recon Team (F.E.A.R.) returns to battle the now free Alma and her paranormal minions across a destroyed city. New locations, weaponry and enemies combine to take the F.E.A.R. franchise to new levels of action and suspense...

F.E.A.R: Extraction Point is an expansion pack to the hugely popular F.E.A.R. game. This new addition to the franchise picks up the action where the first game left off. However, instead of having to hunt down and destroy a supernatural enemy, this time around your task is simply to survive and make your way to the extraction point.

As with the first game, you're going to need a pretty powerful spec machine to get the best out of this game - and you're going to need the original game too. The graphics and A.I. are all pretty much as you'd expect if you've already played the original game - some of the finest you'll have witnessed in a First Person Shooter.

To be perfectly honest I should really give this game a lower mark than I'm going to. Why? Well, firstly there's nothing that new here that you haven't seen before. And secondly there's not really a heck of a lot to this expansion pack - it's really rather short and sweet and you should easily be able to finish it in a good five hour sitting. However, as it's such an engaging and fun add-on, I can't help but love this addition to the F.E.A.R franchise.

Nick Smithson

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