Desperate Housewives - The Game

Format: PC
Buena Vista Games

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Age Restrictions: 16+
03 November 2006

You are the newest housewife on Wisteria Lane and control everything - from your personality and appearance, to the look of your new home, to whom you choose to befriend or backstab. Interact with Susan, Bree, Lynette, Gabrielle and Edie while you uncover juicy secrets, dirty laundry, and the most shocking mystery of them all... your own...

Desperate Housewives - The Game is a Sims style simulation game based on the TV show. You start the game as the new housewife on Wisteria Lane. And, as the new addition to the street, you must uncover delicious scandals and reveal some shocking secrets of your own.

This doesn't have the world's quickest starts and to be honest it's more than a little annoying as you have to sit through some rather long introductions. Once into the game you soon realise this is just a very watered down version of the Sims.

There are numerous mini-games that you can try your hand out - like competing against your neighbours to have the best garden in the street, or how about trying to satisfy your husband and son by cooking them the most delicious meal they've ever eaten? And, should the mood take you, you can seduce and even kill some of your neighbours (although obviously not characters from the TV series). And, if you get bored of your street, you can head off to the shopping mall (where your husband and therapist work).

What lets this game down is any real ability to alter your surroundings. While you can upgrade your appliances you can't really do much to your house, apart from change the colour of the walls and floor coverings.

If you like your Sims games and love Desperate Housewives, then you'll be in hogs heaven with this release. However, if you don't fall into this category then I'd strongly advise that you steer clear of this one.

Amber Leigh

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