Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Format: Xbox 360

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Age Restrictions: 15+
03 November 2006

Create your Marvel dream team from a roster of super heroes in an epic quest that will determine the fate of Earth and the Marvel universe. For decades, Earth's super heroes have opposed evil in their own cities, and on their own terms. But now, Dr. Doom and a newly reformed Masters of Evil have plans for world domination, and the heroes must band together to defeat them...

In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance you get to play as some of the most revered Marvel characters as you embark on a dangerous journey across exotic terrain and well-known comic book locations, like Atlantis, the Shield Heli-Carrier and the Skrull home world, in an attempt to defy the world's most notorious super villains.

In the whole super hero universe I've always been a DC Comics fan. I had always thought that Marvel was a poor man's DC - that Marvel's range of super heroes were pitiful in comparison to DC's. Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men weren't a patch on Batman, Superman and the JLA. Or so I thought. Playing this game made me realise that Marvel have just as impressive a roster of heroes and villains (even if you may not already be familiar with some of them) and learning more about them was part of the fun, for me, of this game.

You start off with Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor as you make your way around the levels. But it's not long before you'll feel like a change and at the start of this game you have a limited amount of addition characters to choose from. You can swap your characters for any of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Woman or a few other Marvel heroes (other characters are unlocked as you progress through the game).

The game allows you to control the most powerful super hero alliance the world has ever known. Experience the full scale of the Marvel universe with a combined cast of over 140 popular comic book characters. Create, customise and control your own four-person strike team, selecting from an initial roster of 20 playable characters, including Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Thing, Captain America, Elektra and Thor and battle notorious super villains including Dr. Doom, Galactus and countless other favourites.

You can also customise your Marvel dream team - create you own team name, team icon, team vehicle and establish a team reputation as you play through the storyline. You also have total control over levelling up each team member to your liking, or you can upgrade all team members together to keep their heroes balanced.

Your team members can fight while airborne, on the ground, and even submerged underwater as they traverse through 17 locales and play out some of the most legendary comic book battles from the Marvel universe.

At the end of the day this is one impressive console game which will seriously appeal to comic book fans. It's also a fantastic game in it's own right though. If you are not familiar with the Marvel universe you can still play this game without scratching your head. In fact it's not a million miles away from the old arcade classic Gauntlet (only with much better graphics and gameplay).

This is the super hero game that the world has been waiting for.

Pete Boomer

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