Justice League Heroes: The Flash

Format: GBA

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Age Restrictions: 12+
24 November 2006

Play as DC Comics' The Flash, wielding his speed force to strike enemies before they can attack. Unlock powerful combination attacks and slowdown time to defeat adversaries in slow motion. As the fastest man alive, you can also enlist the support of fellow Justice League members by calling in special attacks from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other DC Comics super heroes...

I want to start this review by getting something off my chest. Why did the game developers release this as Justice League Heroes: The Flash? It's released on the same day as the same company (Eidos) also releases Justice League Heroes for various other consoles. The game isn't the same (hence "The Flash" add-on to the title) so why not call it The Flash: DC Comics Heroes or some other such name? What has happened is that anyone wanting to buy "Justice League Heroes: The Flash" or "The Flash" will get no return on their search enquiry from most online stores as it's simply listed as Justice League Heroes.

For a GBA offering this isn't half bad. Sure the graphics are tiny and blocky (but then that's the GBA for you). The game play is fairly straight forward. You move Flash around the screen finding villains and beating them up. And, should things get a little intense, you can perform a number of super moves to help you clear the screen. The three moves here are super punch (which sees Flash dive at the enemy and land a hefty whack); super speed mode (where you can attack your prey as time is slowed down allowing you to cause damage to your enemy while they hardly move); and, for when you are really stuck, you can call upon the help of a member of your fellow Justice League of America team-mates.

I did experience quite a few problems with this game when attacking enemies. Firstly, wave after wave of the same opponents gets very dull, very quickly. And secondly, as your character is so small on the screen, it's very easy to not line up correctly when preparing to throw a punch - so you end up hitting air. Also the super speed mode made me feel sick. The screen shakes making everything look blurry - which is not good if you are feeling a little delicate.

On the plus side this is an interesting game that does have a comic book feel to it - the characters are colourful and well detailed for a GBA title and the overall presentation is above average. But, to be perfectly honest, there are a few too many negatives to make this an essential purchase.

Nick Smithson

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