Where Evil Lurks
Special Edition

Composer: Alex Otterlei
AO Music
Available 01 November 2006

Where Evil Lurks presents us with the dark gothic tale of the Jefferson family who unknowingly awaken an evil entity that dwells in the depths of an old English manner house...

The music contained in Where Evil Lurks was originally released in 1994. This new special edition consists of a digitally re-mastered recording of Alex Otterlei original horror music, housed inside a book that offers us an exclusive short story written by Rhianna Pratchett.

It would have been so easy to just release this as a repackaged soundtrack without any extra content, but Otterlei has ensured that not only will old fans of his score be compelled to buy it, but that a new generation will also be drawn to the fact that there is also a creepy tale that can be read while you listen to the soundtrack. This is the perfect spooky bedtime tale. Stick the CD on and read to your kids to ensure they come down to breakfast with bloodshot eyes and a nervous twitch.

As with Otterlei's other commercially available soundtracks (Horror on the Orient Express and Xyanide) this score works on so many levels. Listen to it on its own, while reading the book, as background music to a Halloween party or while playing a console game.

This album represents a fusion between sci-fi and horror. There are tracks that sound as though they may have been inspired by other works. For example Entering the House is not a million miles away from Jerry Goldsmith's theme from Alien. There are also tracks, like Morning Scent, that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the Horror on the Orient Express album - which represents a natural progression in style from Where Evil Lurks.

It's a shame that the cost of hiring a full orchestra is so expensive, as this album is crying out for one to do the music full justice. Don't get me wrong, what Otterlei offers is fantastic, but it would be heightened even more by a full orchestra. But, at the end of the day, we should be thankful that this has been re-released at all.

Rhianna Pratchett's story is pretty impressive too - dark and eerie, but also a little sad. The presentation is also impressive - a nice hardback book with good quality paper stock with each page having a spooky background image.

Otterlei proves, once again, why soundtracks should be taken seriously.

Darren Rea