Tokobot Plus
Mysteries of the Karakuri

Format: PS2
Take 2

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Age Restrictions: 7+
12 January 2007

Welcome to the Tokobot revolution. Control a whole team of Tokobots to help you on your quest. Master the Karakuri combination and send them into overdrive, turning your Tokobots into the ultimate weapons by mastering the Samurai Hover, Mega Hammer, or Super Tank...

Tokobot Plus is a fairly original game that sees you play as Bolt, the owner of a team of obedient Tokobots. You are a treasure hunter and must navigate your way around the levels collecting treasure and destroying any monsters that appear in your path.

Imagine Tomb Raider crossed with Pokemon, with a little added twist, and you'll be near to imagining what this game is all about. As you run around the levels you can command your robots to form a ladder to help you climb to higher levels; form a long chain that can spin and destroy your enemies; or super stamp on any buttons in order to open secret doors.

You start the game with an easy tutorial that helps you master all of the Tokobot commands at a basic level. It's easy to get the hang of your gang, and it won't be long before you are ploughing through the levels like a pro.

As you run through the levels you need to look out for boxes, rocks, and other destroyable elements which hide points, health and treasure.

On the negative side, there seems to be no way to change your camera settings (flipping up and down and left and right). And, even more frustrating, the save points are too few and far between. This means that if you are defeated by a boss it's a long way to backtrack before you can get to the point you left off from.

All in all, Tokobot Plus is a good all round puzzle game that will keep your attention for quite some time.

Nick Smithson

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