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Age Restrictions: 12+
16 February 2007

Set in futuristic international military environments, players get the chance to take control of highly manoeuvrable hover tanks, engaging them in close combat scenarios against their rivals. Featuring fast and furious gameplay, photo-realistic environments, eight unique customisable team vehicles, an assortment of high-powered weapons and multiplayer battles. The four-player WiFi mode lets players go head to head, while unlockable weapons, vehicles and upgrades add even greater depth to the gameplay experience. In addition, extra game content is available through the BattleZone website, offering gamers news, leader boards and an exclusive online level builder tool that allows players to customise game maps...

Back in the '80s Atari launched an arcade game that would become an instant hit. BattleZone was one of the first arcade games to employ 3D vector graphics. Since its arcade release there have been countless versions reworked for the home gaming market and now Atari have dusted off the cobwebs to release a new updated version for PSP owners.

Like so many classic games BattleZone is relatively simple. You drive a hover tank around an arena and have to shoot and destroy the other tanks in the environment. And that's about it really.

Choose your tank, as well as primary and secondary weapons, and head off after your opponents. When you start the game your options are very limited but, as you complete each level successfully, you'll be given additional weapons and tanks to choose from. You can play as a single player, or with up to three other gamers in an entertaining multiplayer mode.

While most gamers will probably tire very quickly of this game, there is no disputing the fact that it's enjoyable in very small bursts. It's a shame that the controls aren't a little more responsive and that there wasn't a little more variety to the gameplay - and it's way too easy to complete.

At the end of the day this is a very average reworking of an old classic.

Nick Smithson

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