Robin Hood's Quest

Format: PS2
Oxygen Games

5 060015 536098
Age Restrictions: 3+
16 February 2007

A daunting journey lies ahead... You must win without your bow. Brave wild forest and orchard, defy the Sheriff and his evil men, scale an impenetrable castle, rescue your beloved and take back what is rightfully yours...

Robin Hood's Quest sees you take on the role of Robin Loxley of Nottingham, as you try to outwit the evil Sheriff and take back all the items he's stolen from the villagers - as well as your true love Maid Marion.

The title of this game sounds like it was thrown together at the last moment. Who on earth thought that would be a good idea? Thank goodness they don't work in the movie industry or the next Bond film may be called James Bond's Mission.

Yes, the presentation for this game is pretty poor. Even the the packaging is a bit of a worry. You know that things are not too promising when the back of the game case has very few pictures of the game's footage. There are three (one of which is totally obscured by the game's logo) all of which just show pictures of crude looking environments. There's also a big red box on the back of the sleeve which yells: "ATTENTION" and then lists a warning in several different languages - not English! What's all that about?

The game manual didn't really have much in the way of instruction, so I was a little surprised to see that there was no training level, or on screen help to let you know what on earth you were supposed to do. So it was a case of pressing all the buttons to see what did what - fantastic.

The game suffers from some serious camera problems - not ideal for a game where you have to be able to see what is around you to make sure that you avoid the Sheriff's men. At times it was almost impossible to look anywhere other than the floor. And if you manage to trap yourself in a corner you'll have to run out blind before you can look around you.

To be honest I played this game for an hour and then threw the controller on the floor shouting: "What a pile of sh*t!" I just couldn't take any more!

The graphics are so Commodore 64 game. What were the game developers thinking? Take Robin Hood and get rid of his bow... yeah, that sounds like a great idea! Sounds like the sort of planning you do stoned off your head - just before you ring that ex to give them a piece of your mind / tell them you still love them.

And who though it was a good idea to insist on making the gamer press the "X" button after every time you are required to load another part of the game. Move from one area to another... wait for the game to load... and then press the "X" button for absolutely no reason whatsoever! In fact, I sat there several times not realising I had to do anything, thinking to myself: "This is taking a while to load".

Maybe the entire budget was spent on Richard O'Brien and Matthew Macfaden (who put in very poor vocal performances by the way), leaving only enough money to allow them to employ one games designer to do all the jobs. Surely they didn't have a team working on this.

I can't believe that those robbing hoods at Oxygen Games have the cheek to put this game on the market. Avoid at all costs! One of the worst games I have ever played.

Pete Boomer

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