Format: Nintendo DS
Buena Vista Games

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Age Restrictions: 17+
16 March 2007

Rallen and Jeena learn of mysterious creatures called Spectrobes who hold the key to saving their galaxy from alien beings known as the Krawl. Excavate fossilised Spectrobes with your stylus, awaken them with your voice, customise and evolve them in the lab, choose your team and prepare for epic battles...

Spectrobes follows two junior Interplanetary Patrol officers, named Rallen and Jeena, who are faced with the daunting task of defeating the Krawl, a powerful force poised to destroy the galaxy. To complete their task Rallen and Jeena must excavate, awaken and train Spectrobes, prehistoric creatures that have recently been discovered. Only by enlisting the help of these ancient beings will Rallen and Jeena be able to save the galaxy from certain demise.

The idea of the game is fairly simple. You must train Spectrobes, helping them to evolve and become more powerful. The race is on to excavate, awaken, train and collect as many of the 500 Spectrobes available for your battle against the Krawl.

You start off scouring planets for fossils, minerals and cubes. The fossils will turn into Spectrobes, while the minerals need to be collected to feed the Spectrobes and the cubes contain secrets about the Spectrobes as well as unlocking other features. But you need to be careful while excavating, because it's possible to damage the fossils and minerals. There is good use made of the DS's touch screen and microphone - excavation and awakening of the dormant creatures is achieved by using the stylus and voice commands.

Once you've excavated your Spectrobes you need to feed them and train them and then you can use them to attack your enemy.

Pokemon and Digimon fans will feel right at home here, even more so as the game includes a number of collectible cards that can be used to access extra content. Included in each Spectrobes game is a pack of four translucent lenticular code input cards, which can be used, once their special ability have been unlocked in the game. Simply place the card over the touch screen and use the stylus to tap the holes in the cards, unlocking new content, which includes creatures and minerals.

While appearing fairly simplistic, this game hides hidden depths and is surprisingly addictive.

Nick Smithson

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