War Front
Turning Point

Format: PC

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Age Restrictions: 12+
23 March 2007

Exploring an alternative approach to World War II, one in which Hitler is assassinated in the early days, players take command of experimental weapons, prototype vehicles and units rarely seen in strategy games in an attempt to rewrite or secure the historical outcome...

War Front: Turning Point is a WWII 3D RTS game providing fast-paced, adrenaline pumping conquests. Besides commanding their existing units, players have to think about reinforcements, resource management and researching new prototypes. Choose what missions to fight, what troops to use, and when to call in reinforcements. Completing objectives and capturing strategic locations such as train stations or airfields in each mission help you to win subsequent campaigns. Each mission has multiple primary and secondary objectives that are connected to other missions, providing almost limitless strategic choices.

What we have here is an alternate history where Hitler is taken out and replaced by a government that does not agree with his policies on human extermination. Instead they spend their resources on developing bigger and better military capabilities. With the war rumbling on, three powers rise to the surface - Germany, Russia and America. You can play as either Germans, Allies or Soviets forces as you try and win ground for your nation.

Once you get used to the impressive graphics and sci-fi twist to other WWII RTS games, this starts to look exactly the same as any other RTS game. And that's the main problem here. While there are some nice touches, like the fact that the weather has an effect on your armies abilities and the numerous interesting vehicle designs, there is very little originality other than the back story.

To sum up, this is a fairly fun of the mill RTS game with a little twist of originality. Whether you'll enjoy it depends very much on how you view the RTS genre.

Nick Smithson

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