Aura 2: The Sacred Rings

Format: PC
Dreamcatcher Games

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Age Restrictions: 12+
04 May 2007

After a long and arduous search for the Sacred Rings, the young apprentice Umang wakes up and finds himself alone in a strange, dark, and unwelcoming world. In his possession is a series of rings - the Sacred Rings that grant the holder unlimited power and immortality. Umang quickly realises that a rival clan has tracked him down and that they desire the Sacred Rings' power for their own evil purposes. Umang must now protect the Sacred Rings and return them to the Keepers - the only ones who will be able to watch them, The fate of the Sacred Rings and mankind lies in your hands...

Aura 2: The Sacred Rings is a first-person point-and-click adventure. You take on the role of Umang as you wake up and find yourself alone in a strange, dark and unwelcoming world. Clenched in your fist are a series of rings - the Sacred Rings that grant the holder unlimited power and immortality.

Since ancient times, a clan of Keepers has guarded this collection of sacred rings that, when united with several hidden artefacts, grant the holder infinite power and immortality. When a rival clan, led by Durad, makes known its intention to obtain this power for an evil purpose, the Keepers send their prized student to uncover the artefacts and deliver them, along with the rings, to Grifit, the Old Master.

Umang's journey leads him to the portal of a world unknown even to the powerful Keepers. In Aura 2: The Sacred Rings, the portal transports Umang to Manula Valley and a series of truths are revealed. To his dismay, Umang discovers that this world was once inhabited by the Keepers, hundreds of years ago, until it was taken from them by Durad and his clan. More disturbing, it is revealed that Umang's arrival in Manula Valley is just one more step in a plot manipulated by Durad to bring Umang and the rings one step closer to evil. He must now outwit Durad's powerful forces to complete his quest and return the Sacred Rings to his clan.

The game starts with a lengthy introduction (in case you haven't played the first game in this series). Once the game starts, it's a pretty simple point and click affair. The biggest problem is moving around your environment - this is slow and more than a little cumbersome. And once you start tackling the puzzles you may have slight problems with a few if your hearing isn't very good or if you are colour blind. However, on the whole, you shouldn't have too many problems.

While this is a good, solid puzzle solving game it doesn't really offer anything new to the myriad of similar games on the market. If you are a fanatical follow of this sort of game then you'll have to add it to your collection. However, if you have only a passing interest I suggest you try before you buy.

Nick Smithson

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