The Guild 2
Pirates of the European Seas

Format: PC
Jowood Games

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Age Restrictions: 7+
01 June 2007

Set sail and weigh anchor. The add-on
Pirates of the European Seas leads you to commercial seafaring and new lands: experience the rise of the Hansa as a respected medicus or an evil pirate. Help your dynasty gain power, wealth, fame and honour. Determine the fate of the most influential league of cities in the Middle Ages and lead it into a glorious modern era...

Pirates of the European Seas is an add-on for The Guild 2. This game expands on the original release by adding the new huge area of the Hanseatic cities at the Baltic and parts of the North Sea.

The Guild 2 was, and still is, an impressive strategy game that sees you having to start from scratch. You have to build your family name and reputation from the beginning - either as a good guy or a villain, the choice is up to you.

The game plays like most RTS and RPG games, in that you can wander around your environment greeting or beating up the locals. Interaction with other players through trading, diplomacy and aggression is the key to success in the medieval society. In a world of intrigue and conflict it's up you to ascend in society.

The gameplay is pretty fluid and the graphics are above average for this style of game.

This add on features maritime trade as well as naval battles; a total of four brand new maps; five different ships; new buildings and harbour marketplace; new campaign with more than 10 hours of gameplay; new professions including pirate and medico; three new charges and peerages along with additional privileges; as well as several new trade items and artefacts.

For those who played and loved The Guild 2, this add-on will add much to your gaming experience. For those who've never experienced the game before, now is an ideal opportunity to pick up an impressive strategy game for under £20.

Nick Smithson

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