Jules Verne: Collector's Edition
(Journey to the Moon & Return to Mysterious Island)

Format: PC
The Adventure Company

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Age Restrictions: 3+
08 June 2007

Packaged together are two successful adventure games that are based on Jules Verne tales. In
Journey to the Moon, embark on an exotic voyage that will take you far beyond the heavens. Discover an unusual world and a fascinating lunar civilisation. In Return to Mysterious Island, take on the role of the adventurous Mina and experience a quest for survival on a wild and apparently uninhabited island...

Jules Verne: Collector's Edition packages together two point and click adventure games based on original stories by Jules Verne.

Journey to the Moon is loosely based on Verne's classic From the Earth to the Moon. You play the part of Michel Ardan who lands on the Moon to discover that his other two travelling companions have vanished. In this point and click adventure you must gather the various clues to work out what happened to your shipmates. The only witness seems to be a talking parrot (don't ask - just go with it).

The puzzles in this game are varied enough to keep you playing to see what will crop up next. There's an interesting element here that sees you having to learn an alien language in order to speak to an alien race - it's simply a matter of finding the correct item with which to communicate, but I found it an interesting touch.

The graphics are pretty neat too. While they won't exactly set your world alight, it's interesting to see that the game's developers have tried to stay as faithful to Verne's romantic Victorian view of the future.

Return to Mysterious Island is set after Verne's The Mysterious Island. This is another point and click adventure that sees you take on the role of Mina, who washes up on the beach of Mysterious Island after a shipwreck.

Once on the island you must collect items and combine them in order to power things like your mobile phone, or construct hunting implements like arrows. What's great about this game is that there is more than one way to skin a rabbit (if you'll excuse the very bad pun). You won't have to search for hours for the missing component before you can make certain items, as there are several different ways to achieve the same results. You also get a monkey companion to chat with - which allows you to explore areas that Mina can't get to.

The graphics and sound are pretty impressive - the sounds are especially atmospheric. And this is certainly a game you can come back to and replay once you've completed it.

At the end of the day the fact that you get two cracking adventure games for under £20 should be all the excuse you need to buy this great collection.

Nick Smithson

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